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When is coaching right for you?

These are 10 good reasons for you to consider coaching:

  1. You will take on a new position in the company, and that is exactly what you want!
  2. You will get more responsibility, want to help shape the rules of the game and at the same time drive new things forward.
  3. After changing your role (e.g. from colleague to manager), you want more clarity about your understanding of your role and motivation
  4. Your behavior, your soft skills have helped you be successful so far. You want to stay that way, even if those you speak to now are different.
  5. Motivation is an important topic for you and your team.
  6. You know the importance of verbal and non-verbal communication. And want to work with it and on it very consciously and practically.
  7. No one can meet your high expectations. Not even you.
  8. Now you are “so far up the ladder” so that no one gives you feedback any more without wanting something from you. Or because they are afraid
  9. You have to deal with conflicts more often than you like
  10. You want to make progress, you have big plans, you need new impulses for your work and your goals.


Foto: Susan Schmitz@Shutterstock 794480062
Foto: Susan Schmitz@Shutterstock 794480062