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For Artists

„Every child is an artist. The difficult thing is to remain one as an adult.“

Pablo Picasso

As a former actress and owner of a agency for artists, I’m aware of what artists have to deal with in their everyday life. Which is about: Real an imaginary challenges and the immense amount of energy that they have to invest for being creative.

Being an artist is not a profession but a state of mind.

And yet art has its price: the artist must motivate himself every day anew and should be able to call the value of artistic work – with confidence.

I am a sparring partner. I support, leverage, where necessary, give a push, where possible. I provide compassionate yet honest critique and concrete offers for networking.

If you have a need, are aware of it and ready to take on any necessary changes which will push you ahead: I’m looking forward to meeting you.

References (excerpt)

The exam continues… I jump into the cold sea, feel as naked as …in their best times and think: I want this freedom permanently! I notice that I am growing and I owe that to your exhausting coaching.”

D.D. Author

Thanks a million. Again after the coaching session another knot has broken: wonderful big pictures are created. And possibilities take shape all at once.”

performance artist

The coaching session was very motivating and showed me that there is a lot in me from which I can draw. A large part of what still seemed necessary to me to go ahead…I already have within me and carry it with me. This really helps me a lot in my outward appearance and in my future work.”

Olav Amende, writer and director

The coaching with Mona Klare has opened my eyes to what I want: to be on stage as an artist.

A lot of accumulated energy has thus flowed, with which I was able to position myself completely new and far more professionally.

I find unique how much my confidence in myself has been strengthened by the coaching: the formerly often destructive feelings on stage have changed…I can enjoy performances with all my heart”.

cello soloist

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