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“How do you impress by your reaction in tricky situations?

Interesting question to answer for MYWAY 2017/1.

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MYWAY Cover 2017/1








“Women switch off their inner critic.

Thanks for the nice interview, thanks for the article, (click here).

Cellesche Zeitung




“…it was like this: the participants seemed to be kissed by the sun.”

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Event-Foto LSB
Event-Foto LSB








“How awesome: Standing in the spotlight”:

Article (click here) . The tour goes on….

LSB-Magazin 3/2016




“Empower women to lead”:
Press-Clipping regarding my “Represent yourself”- event for State Sport Association of Lower Saxony

Walsroder Zeitung, 05.12.2015

Artikel Mona Klare, Walsroder Zeitung, 05.12.2015




“Self Management”

My new article in the blog of EMOTION about self-management: Instead of more methods and how-to manuals just a few questions.

These thought provoking impulses could inspire people become more effective self-managers of their careers, family, health, personal and professional live.




“Do not justify yourself”
Thanks for asking: The magazine emotion did it again. Topic: Adressing a new team formally or informally?

emotion - magazine 5/2015
emotion – magazine 5/2015
3 questions about my job
3 questions about my job




“Parents: Who is doing which job when.
And why? “

My new article: Different expectations of mothers and fathers concerning child care and career.
Thanks to Nora-Vanessa Wohlert, founder at editionf.


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“The Spunk and Tenacity of Mona Klare “

I am proud to be a part of ‘Les Lunes Celebrating Strong Women Series’. Thank you Anya Lecat, inspiring Founder of Les Lunes, & thank you Melanie and Tobe.

Les Lunes/ Mona Klare/ photo: Frank Rösner
Les Lunes/ Mona Klare/ photo: Frank Rösner

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“Artists. Daily routines of a creative life “

My new article on creativity featured in the german special interest magazine SACHJOURNAL.

There are several artists among my clients and what fascinates me is how they fuel their desire to be creative.

And at the same time how they manage to be highly productive so they can make ends meet for themselves and their families.

Special thanks to Jonas Kötz and Andrea Schelling, two amazing artist personalities.

Titel Sachjournal 2014/2015

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I gave an interview to the german magazine
EMOTION 10/2014 about sexuality, successful women
and their leadership approach.

emotion Heft 10/2014

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“This is how careers work today”

In depth article on women and careers.

As an expert on the subject, I was interviewed by
the magazine FREUNDIN for the 5/2014 issue.

Magazin FREUNDIN, Heft 5/2014
Freundin 5/2014

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“Breakdown brightly”

It is all a matter of improvisation:
My recent article on the much-discussed topic of error culture, the desire to fail on stage and why this is so damn much fun.

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Sachjournal 1/2013
Sachjournal 1/2013




“Committed to Talking”

I was interviewed for an article about employee reviews and internal communication.

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Artikel Tagesspiegel Foto





My new article for ADVOICE on termination and how to be able to look in the mirror after. Life stories and tips for fair behavior:

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AdVoice 4_2012 Titel




“Get out of the burnout trap”.

Cover story and title of the LOOX magazine.

Together with other experts on the subject of: Burnout-bashing and the question of when a doctor should be consulted, what effect a coach can have and what everyone can do, if talking does not help any more.

The whole Article here to DOWNLOAD.


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My personal favorite: DIDACTA 3/2012. People over 40 who ventured the bold step to start a new career, who went their own way despite resistance and well-intended advice and who are convinced of what they have done.



Article to DOWNLOAD My point of view about stress, finding a meaningful occupation and the power of change: “40 plus – the next lap” in MEINE KITA (

40 plus – die nächste Runde

Artikel über Burn-Out, Krise, Herausforderung, Ziele,




Mona Klare in a live interview at the Didacta Fair in Hannover on 17.02.2012 at 4:30 p.m.
Mona Klare in the Frank Roesner photography exhibition at Didacta 2012, February 14-18, 2012 in Hannover and from October 24-26, 2012 in Basel.

Didacta Ausstellung Februar 2012 / Photos: Frank Roesner
Didacta Ausstellung Februar 2012 / Photos: Frank Roesner








Article in Didacta magazine 1/2012, pp. 34-37

Article in Magazin MEINE KITA 1/2012, S.52-53,




My interview in SACHJOURNAL 12/2011 about changes, opportunities and coaching.