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What are the results of coaching?

These are 10 possible results of coaching:

  1. Clarity and focus for your own goals. And concrete ways to implement them.
  2. Promising expectations. Of others. And of yourself.
  3. Your team conveys to you that your leadership style motivates and strengthens them.
  4. You can trust your team and yourself. The meetings you conduct are full of life. That means that not only are results produced but also supported by everyone afterwards.
  5. You are able to provide professional feedback. And to receive it.
  6. You are aware of how you and others perceive who you are. And you can work with this.
  7. You make decisions that make you feel good. Even the day after tomorrow.
  8. You have a new view on old issues and questions that you have been avoiding for a long time, because you were afraid of losing your face or being evaluated. The new view is oriented towards the future.
  9. You can hold your own even in difficult discussions and negotiations. You know your value and take good care of yourself. You are on equal terms with those you are in dialogue with.
  10. Instead of just reacting and waiting for things to change: you take action, you create new reactions and initiate the change you want.


Photo: nd3000@shutterstock_1007857858
Photo: nd3000@shutterstock_1007857858