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Basic knowledge of interpersonal communication

Basic knowledge of interpersonal communication is essential for good team work. Do you agree with this statement? And what do you think about these points?

  1. If something is not clearly communicated there is room for interpretation.

People often mention something like this in my coaching sessions: “I don’t know exactly what my manager really wants me to do. I’ve asked about this several times. But I can’t get a clear statement. I’m just going to stop asking.”

But if we have to interpret behavior or unclear announcements, the probability that we are wrong is high. This is how misunderstandings occur. And resentment. Both prevent good cooperation. How often do you ask if others have understood your announcements in detail?

  1. Motivation by avoiding demotivation.

Paying full attention to someone gives him a signal: “I see you”.

But when my thoughts are already in the next meeting, I’m checking my mobile phone or just finishing one e-mail while the other person should go ahead and say what he wants, the signal comes across as just the opposite.

60 seconds in which the other person receives my full attention, I make eye contact with him, listen and ask questions are better than 30 minutes of demonstrating how to multi-task.

Perhaps you are now saying: “Well, that’s very simple. Of course I do that.” My question is, “When was the last time your staff confirmed this to you?”.


photo: nd3000@shutterstock_777753523
photo: nd3000@shutterstock_777753523