What strength is in you?

Group workshops are an excellent opportunity not only to try out leadership and social skills but also to strengthen the team spirit. Of course.

However, the special power lies in making the strengths of the individual visible.

I am always impressed how even in workshops with 10-12 participants, moments of real personal insight become unmistakably VISIBLE for all those present:

No one speaks, you could hear a pin drop.

This moment is often the most enjoyable for the person who is open to others and just left the personal comfort-zone: the support of all (silent!) colleagues present is absolutely priceless!

A wonderful part of my work is to create an atmosphere that is not a sticky harmony sauce but invites courage, openness and constructive friction.

And if the head of the HR department participates – of course – actively in this workshop, I am grateful that I may be the one who leads this group for a day.

Thanks to Antje Reinecke for her feedback 2018:

It’s great how Mona picks up all kinds of characters – everyone is 100% involved. She creates a safe place even for more shy participants where personal challenges are shared with the group. Mona attracts people in the most pleasant way from the reserve, so that everyone really has their own personal “aha”-moment and gets a lot out of the workshop.”


photo: Eder, shutterstock_564416800
photo: Eder, shutterstock_564416800






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