“Sorry, no time for that”

I often hear from managers who come to me: “I would like to have employees who are more independent and motivated. They should take on more ‘ownership’, show more initiative and contribute more ideas.”

Does that sound familiar to you?

Than may be it makes sense to ask yourself the following questions as a leader:

  • How do you speak to your employees?
  • how do you invite your people to think creative?
  • Is space and time provided to bring new things into the world and to siphon off fresh ideas from everyone?
  • How do you conduct meetings? How do you manage frequent speakers? Or are you one yourself?
  • How do you react to annoyed faces in meetings?
  • How do you praise and criticize? With which tone do you set limits?
  • Are you physically present or do you only run digitally?

“I just don’t have time for everyone” I hear a lot.

Leaders’ working hours are precious and expensive. However, it becomes more expensive to have overwhelmed or not challenged or unmotivated employees in projects.


Photo: Opolja@shutterstock 708961348
Photo: Opolja@shutterstock 708961348