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Personal Coaching – walk and talk in nature

Walking is the most natural and obvious way to get into motion. Being active in the fresh air, relaxed or powerful, enriches conventional coaching in an excellent way. My experience: people think and talk more freely while walking.

Turn off the laptop. Get out of the office

This coaching offer outside, in nature, in a ‘walk and talk’ mode makes it possible – even in pandemic times – to continue working on personal growth in person. Life happens while we plan other things. Let’s make the best of it. Of course with the physical distance if required.

Coaching-Session Grunewald
Mona Klare Coaching – in person and in motion

“Let the idea take its course”

Professional and personal issues can be dealt with more dynamically in this natural state, in person. Twice as much oxygen supplies our brain, we are more alert and open. A conversation with a professional dialogue partner is reflected more intensively. We are more motivated.

Personally, I love walking and hiking with passion, because:
Besides all the important arguments for physical health, a long, relaxed walk brings to light a liberating, psychologically relieving, inwardly deep power.

Many people feel exactly the same way: they know about the movement in the body, that empowers the thoughts to move as well when soft forest soil carries us, fresh wind blows in our faces and we can smell the lush trees and leaves. Coaching with all senses! And for the moment probably the safest way to work in an analogue personal setting.

Coaching outdoor and in motion means:

  • breathe, move
  • feel the connection of motion and thoughts
  • change perspectives naturally
  • manage one’s own physical resources
  • discover new ideas and energy
  • feel your strengths

It’s the most effective coaching setting I know and which – even for the untrained – can lead to a new, powerful feeling for your body and life. And thus to positive thoughts. All you need are comfortable walking shoes.

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