Feedback of the month

To be honest … I wasn’t sure, if I’d join your Workshop at all, I was so tired by the information-overkill and to many powerpoint-presentations before.

Why I stayed?

  • Your fresh and authentic way I really liked and motivated me.
  • From the start it was clear: it is not a one way communication.
  • Pretty fast I got the impression: “There is really something in for you”.

Summing up:  The workshop really was worth it! And by the way: not only for business-cases.

Heinz Löwer, Director
(about my speech about “Respect” on a 2-days-directors-meeting, 2017)


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Feedback of the month

After I had spent several years in research, I founded a high-tech company together with three partners where I am now working as CTO.

Mona Klare’s guidance in my transition from scientist to manager was invaluable. She supported me in identifying and executing the appropriate next steps. Not only, but also because of her using methods and tools derived from her career as an actress to go through concrete and real-life situations.

Her approach is efficient and goal-oriented, giving us the opportunity to cover a lot of crucial questions.

I am extremely thankful for her support and I am looking forward to continue to work with Mona Klare.

Dr. Tina Klüwer (CTO parlamind)

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Feedback of the month

Your talk was like a dance.”

More than 1000 specialists and executives at WoMenPower 2017.
50 of them in my interactive speech “Respect”.
As always with a lot of physical interaction and the fun inlearning together.

Thank you for this wonderful feedback from a participant.
See you again at the WoMenPower 2018.


Photo: Pablo Serrano Huguet, shutterstock_314138225
Photo: Pablo Serrano Huguet, shutterstock_314138225

Feedback of the month

This made my day:

Even after several years in a top management position some things are tough:

Speaking to a 100 of my fellow colleagues about this subject: I’ve done well…even though this moment combined all things which are tough for me.

Thanks for the support. I would have never come up with how to do this on my own. But now I’ve done it alone, which is a great experience.

(Head of Customer Service, 44J.)

Photo: rickyd @ shutterstock_276093653
Photo: rickyd @ shutterstock_276093653


Feedback des Monats

Sometimes I get the chance to work with people, who have retired, but nevertheless are looking forward to new challenges. These people are great! I really love this feedback of a 60+ client:

I’ll never forget, how you helped me. Let’s see what happens next. Eventually I’ll contact you again: I can’t wait to move on.

Photo: GaudiLab

Fail Happily! Speech DOSB 2016

The German Olympic Sports Confederation
(‘Deutscher Olympischer Sportbund’, DOSB), Oct. 8th 2016:

“Fail cheerfully: The skill of dealing with mistakes calmly”.

During my talk I gave the audience some insight about the merits of improv theatre and my experience with vocal jazz as a rookie singer.
What a great atmosphere when 80 smart women start to improv. Thanks a lot for that wonderful evening!

Fotos: Anja & Christoph Fotografie -
Fotos: DOSB /

Thanks to photographer Anja Jahn for the pics!

My talk as Graphic Recording, created by  Nina Neef.
Thank you Nina!

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“Zeig’ Dich!” Start einer neuen Reihe für den LSB

It doesn’t matter where you are – in a negotiation for a higher salary, in a business meeting or at home with your family at the dinner table – the ability to present your ideas confidently and reveal the best you have to give…

…is a real challenge, especially to do so in a way that makes you feel good and sure of yourself.

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