Coaching and Running

„Let the idea take its course“

Nature has given us the possibility to run. If we do so in a relaxed way without pressure to achieve, it is a perfect way to support and enrich conventional coaching.

I love running.
In addition to all the major arguments for physical health, running provides us with a liberating power deep inside. Not only for me.

Coaching in combination with running means:

Personal and professional topics can be worked on dynamically while running. Double the normal amount of oxygen is supplied to our brains; we are more awake and open for new thoughts. You reflect on the dialogue with a competent counterpart more intensely.
With each step. Changing perspectives naturally.
At your own pace. Walking, jogging or running.

It is the most effective coaching format that I know and it provides – especially for those who are not so fit – a basic level of fitness and a new, powerful feeling for your body and life. Fitness is NOT required. Everything you need is a pair of running shoes.

Programs which are interesting in particular for companies and occupational health management systems include: effective stress management, employee retention and motivation with my “coaching-in-motion package” and the “Employee Assistance Program (EAP) “.

I would be pleased to present these programs to you on request.

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