Crisis Management

Urgent measures and new perspectives

People have crises. They are a part of life: expectations in professional and private life that are too high, perfectionism, separation or illness can be a trigger. Crises are often difficult to handle alone.

Crisis or depression?

Consolation to get rid of the crisis provides little relief. “Getting a grip on yourself” often reinforces feelings of being overworked, having no energy and being helpless. If this condition persists longer, it may produce physical and emotional fatigue. These are serious signals and should always be discussed with a doctor first. The doctor identifies the medical aspects and discusses the way forward.

What can a coach do?

As a coach, I see myself as an aid to those who want to help themselves and the person who provides strength on the way out of the crisis. In contrast to psychotherapy, in which solutions are worked on long term and emphasize the past, coaching deals specifically with the present and the future.
As an immediate measure, I offer the necessary space for anger, sadness and pressing issues. In the second step, I’ll help you, not only to look at the problem from different angles, but to mobilize your own energy. A structured and calm approach helps you become active, create a view of how to overcome the crisis … and take the next steps on your own.

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